AnchorLess youtube / tiktok? channel 📹


We’ll soon be active on YouTube :video_camera:

Do you have any ideas for content you’d like to see on our channel? An example of youtube you like and would like to see for us?

By the way, are you on tiktok? Are you interested in tiktok content?

Thank for your feedback :sparkles:

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I have a very negative opinion of tiktok, so I do not participate there.

For Youtube, you could do tutorial for each line item of the residency process. A 15 minute video on each line would allow people that are not as savvy to get a better understanding. As I understand it, the process is different for EU and non EU residents.
Another idea is a breakdown of resources. Example when using the internet for searches here in the US, Google gives me a lot of advertisements, not information. If you did a channel on how to get better search results for Portugal information, that would help.
Hope this helps…
Cheers, Travis


Hey @Travis591,

Thank you for your feedback.

We will certainly add to our roadmap a comprehensive plan to relocate from the U.S. to Portugal, focusing on the process and not trying to sell products.

The same as Travis, but for European students, for example. It’s like no one is interested in a student moving to Portugal.

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Okay, we’ll add it to the road map! Thank youu

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Hi Maxime,

I’m thrilled to hear about your upcoming YouTube channel! It’s such an exciting way to share valuable insights and help even more people looking to relocate to Portugal.

For content ideas, I’d suggest focusing on topics related to the relocation process. Sharing tips, advice, and showcasing Anchorless’ services would be incredibly helpful for anyone planning their move.

While I’m not really into TikTok content, I’m genuinely excited to see the impact your YouTube channel will make in assisting people with their Portugal relocation journey.

Can’t wait to see your channel launch and all the amazing content you’ll be sharing!

Iranka DM.