Best internet provider in Portugal

Hello everyone.

I’d like to get information about the best internet provider that I can get in Lisbon.

can you help me?

many thanks


Here’s my personal opinion:

I am a big fan of Vodafone. Though it’s a bit pricey, I never had a disappointment. I can’t say the same about NOS or MEO; both are always stressful, and I feel like they are always sketchy and never reliable, even the optic fibre ones.

And when I had the NOS modem, I had to have expanders throughout the house (a T2, believe it or not); otherwise, there was no chance of connection.

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I’ve been using meo since I moved, it works perfectly but they’ve added a tv subscription when I didn’t ask for it.

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Yep, it’s always included, no matter the company (BIG 3); removing it doesn’t affect the price, so you’re good :+1:

If you want to pay just for the internet, they may sell you a small handheld router that’s not that efficient.