Best places to live in Portugal

Entering our 60s with a love for the great outdoors and the charm of quaint towns and cities, we’re on the lookout for our next adventure location. Accompanied by our two cherished silver labs, who share our zest for open spaces and freedom to roam, we’re in search for towns/cities.

Where would you suggest we look?

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Did I hear outdoors???

You should definitely consider Sesimbra - right by Setúbal -, Costa da Caparica or any town in the Algarve region!

These areas are incredibly pet-friendly, with many establishments welcoming our furry friends inside. There are also plenty of parks and green areas for them to roam, as well as dog-friendly beaches where your pups can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Moreover, these regions boast expat communities with numerous activities that will enrich your lifestyle. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to soak up the sun, sip on great wines, and indulge in the most delicious food you can imagine.

Just steer clear of anything north of Peniche, as it might not offer as many outdoor opportunities during winter. Also, avoid going too far into the countryside, as it could be a bit quiet for what you’re looking for!

Welcome to Portugal :star_struck:


depending on how fluent you are in Portuguese and what your preferred climate is. We are big fans of the Algarve region, lots and lots of little towns that are super charming and offer a much more laid back lifestyle. So many expats you really don’t speak much Portuguese (which could be a bad thing depending on your viewpoint.)
but check out the town of
alvor Alvor (Portimão) - Wikipedia
or Mexilhoeira Grande - Wikipedia
or Tavira

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Porto is a remarkably interesting place with unique atmosphere.

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I just did one week-end at Porto and definitely looooove this place. If the rent is to expensive in Lisbon and you want to live in a big city, Porto is clearly the best choise!

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