Coworking places in Algrave

Hi all !

I am planning on staying one month in the Algarve regian soon, do any of you have recommendations on some good coworking places ?

Thank you !


Welcome to the Algarve! I’m based in Faro and it’s AMAZING :sunny:

For co-working spaces, there are several options that may suit your needs, but some may require a bit of planning.

If you intend to have a bike or a car, or live in Quinta do Lago, there is an office from Regus there - which is very complete. However, Quinta do Lago doesn’t have good public transport options (because it’s Quinta do Lago :moneybag:) so you’ll need a bike (to head there from Almancil) or a car.

Around Tavira, there is The Table, a charming NEW place.

In Olhão, there is a great community within Pomar Coworking!

In Faro, you can find a coworking space at the University, at its Tech Campus (you’ll need to get in touch with them via email at, at the Faro Avenida Business Center, and another at the Alandra Square.

Loulé has the Golden Creative, Mucancas, and Coworking Studio Spaces.

Vilamoura has the Attitude Coworking in the Industrial District.

Albufeira has the Albufeira Digital Nomads team, with a coworking space at Sala Azul, in the Inatel Building.

There is the Workwise at Armação de Pera.

In Portimão, there is the Co team and Hub Ativo.

For Lagos, there is the Lagos Digital Nomads community at Mar d’Estórias and WOT Lagos Montemar.

In Aljezur, there is Stokeworks.

Several guesthouses and coliving spaces also offer coworking spaces, especially in surfing areas. Take your time exploring and choose the one that best suits your needs (for example, if you intend to travel around the Algarve, try a more central location like Faro or Loulé).

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Hi Claire! I’m Flor founder of Faro-Olhao Digital Nomads Community. Feel free to reach out if you need any help! Happy to welcome you around here :slight_smile:

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Hi Brenda! Are you part of our community? I’m Flor :slight_smile: founder of the Community in the area of Loulé, Olhao, Faro and Tavira. We are having an afterwork Wed 8/05 in Palimpestu bar 18hs. Would love to meet you! We need more people in Faro to help us connect the people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey @Flor221,

Maybe you can present your digital nomad community in a specific topic! I’m sure a lot’s of people will be interested!

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Hi Flor!

I’m not part of your community yet! Thank you so much for your invitation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m currently at my home country, but as soon as I return there I will definetely join some afterwork drinks :star_struck:

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Ok! Done it :slight_smile: happy to guide anyone around Algarve