Deadlines for grandfathering pre-2024 NHR

Hello Anchorless people!

I scheduled my D7 visa appointment in December 2023 (aka shown my intention to relocate before new NHR law), and my application is in review since March this year. per my tax lawyer, once i have my residence permit issued, i can apply for the pre-2024 version of NHR (10 years, less taxes for income generated outside of Portugal). Two questions:

  • has anyone went through the same process and has any insights?
  • is there a deadline for applying for the former version of NHR this year? my visa application decision is going slow.

Any insights are appreciated!

Hey Max!

Not related to NHR specifically, but as far as I’m aware, Portuguese authorities tend to take application dates into consideration when granting status, according to the law valid at application, so your lawyer may be correct on that.

My tip would be to gather all receipts you may have proving the timeline to ensure your NHR status when the time comes. You should gather documents—anything that proves your start date and whatever may have caused a delay, such as your visa application and emails that verify the delay.

Good luck!

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Hey Brenda,

Thanks so much for sharing the information! also, the recommendation i mentioned in my original post came from a lawyer i consulted here on Anchorless:) it would be great if they could follow up on this post as well!