Do I need a NISS as a student?

Hello !

I would like to understand something that is not clear to me, my school asked me for my NIF but not my niss. But without a niss, what happens if we have to go to the hospital :sneezing_face: (I don’t know if it makes a difference but I’m Spanish)?

If some of you are students here, do you have a niss?


Hi Rachel!

For any public healthcare service, you’ll first need your Utente number. You can take a look at how to request it here: insta post. Otherwise, you may need to pay.

Very important to keep in mind: Some areas (regions) or clinics are requesting your NISS to grant a Utente number. So be ready for that!

But to make matters simple: any chance you have the European Health Insurance Card?

For urgent care, you won’t need a ‘Utente’ number with it.

Now for hospital care, keep in mind that there are a few things you need to know: You may need to pay if you are seeking urgent care and won’t need major intervention, e.g., if you need just a saline bag and are being released (even with utente number). Payment, when needed, is very low, by the way.

In these circumstances, when is NISS required? It’s crucial if you need any subsidies, if you need to stay in the hospital, if you need prescription medicine, or if you need any kind of support, either to afford types of therapy or financial support (if you are underaged this is even more important).

Unis just cares for the NIF to register your receipt (extremely useful if you have to do the IRS), otherwise they wouldn’t.

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Also, unless you have a SUPER URGENT need, SNS asks you to call 808 24 24 24—their healthline.

A healthcare professional will attend to you during the call, and if they tell you to head to the hospital, you won’t need to pay (even if it’s the same saline bag from the example above).

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Thank you for your answer! I will try to get my utente number without a niss!