Good gym in Lisboa

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a good gym in Lisbon not too crowded and where there is also some cross-fit classes. Do you have any recommandation ?

Thank you ! :sun_with_face: :person_cartwheeling:

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Hey Peter!

As a good gym I wouldn’t recommend Fitness Hut, especially if you’re looking for a gym that’s not too crowded during rush hour. However, it’s still the cheapest option (I’ve already tried it, and it’s complicated after 5pm) :sweat_smile:

Solinca is similar, but more prenium than Fitness Hut, with sometimes more facilities depending on the gym.

There are also prenium gyms with more services like a sauna, padel etc… and less crowded but the price is much higher! There’s Holmes Place and Club 7 (I’m not sure, but there’s probably CrossFit.)

Academia Life Club is a very nice gym too, a friend has been there, the location is very nice on the waterfront and they offer outdoor classes :grinning:

For Crossfit, I don’t practice it but I’ve heard of The Bakery Crossfit, you could try contacting them to see what they offer!

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@Claire do you have some tips for Fitness Hut ?

Best price but definitely overcrowded

Hi !

If you are lucky enough to have flexible working hours I would recommend going to fitness hut at 2pm or 3pm. Otherwise it is indeed crowded ! Good luck :sun_with_face:

Element is EXTREMELY cheap, so it may be an option even when it’s crowded (they have a lot of equipments).

And for 2,99 a week, you can also take your time and try to find a time when it won’t be swamped.

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