Health Insurance when relocating to Portugal

I’m looking for private healthcare insurance.

I’m currently considering Axa Global Healthcare which covers all countries with an option to include or exclude US.

Curious who might know of similar alternatives so that I can shop around.

Hello @Guy773,

I’d like to clarify a point regarding private insurance, as there are two primary types to consider:

  1. Travel Insurance is typically designed for individuals traveling abroad for less than three months. This type of insurance primarily offers short-term coverage for medical emergencies and includes non-medical benefits, such as compensation for lost luggage or trip cancellations.
  2. Health Insurance is more suited for individuals planning to stay in a country for more than three months. It provides comprehensive coverage beyond just emergency healthcare needs, making it essential for longer stays.
    Axa website

I recommend selecting an insurance plan that aligns with the healthcare system of your home country. For French nationals, for instance, opting for a private insurance plan that is compatible with the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Étranger) is advisable. Henner is one example of such an insurance provider.

Another key point is to pick an insurance company that talks your language. Understanding insurance can be tricky, and trying to do so in a language that’s not your own makes it even harder. Although there are many tools out there to compare insurances, a lot of them only work in Portuguese, which might not work for everyone.

Axa might not be the cheapest option, but it’s definitely used by our customers. Their support is among the best, and you can be confident that you’ll receive help when needed.

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Thank you for such a comprehensive response! Very valid point about the language barrier. For my use case 2 works well. I like the option that one can find cover in all-countries excluding US which is super useful for the remote-work / digital nomad lifestyle.

I’m also looking at Cigna Global as a potential alternative to AXA

I performed a simulation for myself, and the minimum price with AXA was over 200€, while it was only 80€ with Sigma Global, both including cancer protection.
It appears to be less expensive, but it’s important to review what each plan covers to determine which one best suits your needs!

This is exactly what i was looking for!