Healthcare for Portugal D7 visa

Any tips to chose the best healthcare for the D7 visa?

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@Ruben-AnchorLess might have some tips, I believe

also interested in this topic. A friend living in lisbon is on… … but has been resident for 5yrs now, not sure if D7 friendly

Hello @frank951 @Guy773,

That’s a great question, frequently asked by our non European customers :earth_americas:

As you may know, when applying for a Portuguese Visa from almost every countries, you can see on the checklist that you need:

Valid travel insurance, covering necessary medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation - for minimum 4 months from the intended date of arrival to Portugal.

The most popular option, the one we also recommend for a while is Axa Shengen (we are currently in discussions with them to set up a partnership!)

Also, an excellent comparison site like can be very helpful when in doubt.

@Guy773 I’m afraid that AdvanceCare, as health insurance and not travel insurance, is not compatible with the D7…

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Thanks @Ruben-AnchorLess! Very helpful. Will check out my options there

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