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Do you have any ideas or wishes for new services you’d love to see us offer?

Your input is invaluable to us as we continue to innovate and provide the best possible service. :bulb:

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Hi Maxime,

As a hotel professional at Marriott International’s Four Points by Sheraton in Bulgaria, I’m enthusiastic about the idea of “Relocating to Portugal and Settling Down”there. However, I’ve noticed that there isn’t a “Comprehensive Guide” available on your forum to assist individuals like myself in making this transition.

Considering the outstanding services your company provides and my genuine interest in Portugal, I believe adding such a guide to your forum would be immensely beneficial. Many individuals, including myself, would greatly appreciate having access to a resource that offers guidance and support throughout the relocation process.

Furthermore, I suggest that this “Topic” could also be included in your upcoming YouTube channel. By offering video content on moving and settling down in Portugal, you can provide even more valuable insights and assistance to your audience.

I’m confident that incorporating these features into your forum and YouTube channel would not only enhance “anchorless.” value but also attract a wider audience of individuals seeking to make Portugal their new home.

Thank you for considering my suggestions. I eagerly await the opportunity to utilize your services in the future.

Iranka DM.

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