Living in Alcobaça in Portugal

I saw that @Douglas964 is interested in Alcobaça, maybe @Guilherme262 has some advice for us?

Hello @Douglas964 ! I hear that you are interested in Alcobaça. I was born and raised there, and I still visit every other weekend. It’s honestly a great place! You get the best of both worlds, you’re 15 minutes away from Nazaré and 10 minutes from the Mountains.
I think that one of the best things about Alcobaça is location, you’re close to everything and you can get anywhere in a short period. Just be sure to have a car, as public transportation is almost non-existent.
Food is also great there, be sure to visit António Padeiro, right next to the Monastery, it’s one of the best Portuguese cuisine restaurants in Portugal.
If you enjoy fresh fish and seafood, you’re in for a treat, along the Silver Coast you’ll find multiple small restaurants, focused on the “catch of the day”, that are to die for.
Enjoy Alcobaça!


Thank you for your description Guilherme. I was quite enamoured with your Alcobaca.

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