Neighborhoods in Lisbon


I took my first flat in Bairro Alto, and I think it was a big mistake on my part. It’s too noisy even when my windows are closed, haha.

Do you have any idea what the best neighbourhood in Lisbon is for you?



I made the same mistake when I moved to Portugal.

I took an apartment in Bairo alto from France without knowing the consequences ahah.

Now I advise you to look in Estrela or Lapa, it’s the best night district for me at the moment because you have the charm of Portugal.

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All, a great tool to choose your neighborhood in Lisbon is

Make sure you use it!


Thank you @BrendaL the website is so coool
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Super useful, right???

After 8 years in the Algarve, I’m preparing to move to Lisbon, and this tool became my best friend to decide which neighborhoods could be the best fit.

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