NHR 2024 and freelance activity

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I don’t understand if it’s still possible to get the NHR with 20% of flat tax as freelancer.

I moved in Porto in january 2024.

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I am also interested in this. I this the rules are much more strict now but I am interested in hearing more.

Hello @toto214 @Bidemi704,

That’s indeed a very common question, and the answer is not that simple.
It depends on many things, and it is really linked to your personal situation.

It is still possible to obtain the NHR with its benefits, but our recommendation is always to speak to a lawyer or tax specialist before applying to make sure you are eligible and thus avoid fines or complications.

Just a heads up, the 2 solutions to apply for the NHR in 2024 are:

  • through the grandfathering system, under certain conditions you can still apply for the “old” NHR
  • apply to the “new” NHR, limited to a thicker scope of profession and people

For more information you can also check out our article: The Definitive Guide to NHR in Portugal 2024 | AnchorLess