Renting in Algarve during the summer

I have just landed here and I rented temporary an apartment in Nazare. I notice that the prices are very high in the summer time along the coast, no matter what part of Portugal and there are people offering rentals in Algarve for the autumn- winter period already now at a more affordable price. I get a bit confused over how to go about renting something on long term? Could anyone share a bit from your experience of renting all year around? Thanks

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What a mess, I had the same issue, finally I found a flat on idealista. A friend of me gave me a tips about this: every contract in Portugal can be negociate, you need to call. For example my flat was for a short term, I proposed a 1 year contract with a normal price and they accepted it.

Thanks for your answer, Joshua! That’s a good piece of info about the negotiation.
Can I ask how much was the difference in btw the summer price and normal price? Thanks

Here’s the best advice we can give you on the subject. All idealista prices can be negotiated, and you should do it!

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Thanks. It wouldn’t have come into my mind to negotiate. :slight_smile: Valuable advice!!! :pray:

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Maybe @BrendaL can get you some tips

Hey Cristina!

Definitely try to negotiate. Also, focus on less “touristic” websites to find a place, such as Idealista or Imovirtual (they’ll have summer options, but on a smaller scale).

Another option is to, as you are already in Nazaré, do as the Portuguese, especially the elderly, do: check notes on your local pingo doce or continente at their services and warning boards. You’ll usually find handwritten notes stating, in Portuguese, ‘Arrenda-se apartamento T (number of rooms)’ with their name and phone number. Again, this is an elderly individual habit, so be prepared to call and answer their questions.

If none of that works, rely on websites that assure your long-term rental, such as SpotaHome.

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Hi! As I’m based in Algarve building a community we have seen this is an issue even for our community members and we are creating a network of trustful properties and people in the area. Feel free to complete this form with what you are looking for and we can help you! I myself have a guest room to rent 100m of the beach and many others also have places to rent, so hopefully this is useful :slight_smile:

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