Reservation of apartment in Portugal through Idealista

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Is it a normal practice that Idealista asks for 1 month’s equivalent rent as reservation amount for booking an apartment before a contract is signed or even before visiting the apartment?

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Not at all!!

This is a scam practice. Every request of rental payment BEFORE visiting tends to be a scam.

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Absolutely not normal.

I viewed several apartments for rent and was never asked for payment prior to seeing them


We generally recommended, whenever possible, to visit or send someone to visit an apartment before renting. We generally recommend, whenever possible, visiting or sending someone to inspect an apartment before renting it. Many properties in Portugal have issues with humidity and insulation.

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Thank you all for the valuable inputs. The offer itself sounded too good to be true. I am moving from Finland to Portugal.This community and discussion topics are of great help :slightly_smiling_face: