Tips for a family before moving to Portugal

Hey everyone,

Sorry in advance for the long post! :sweat_smile:

Name’s Lea, and I’m super into photography and yoga. My hubby and I live in the Drome with our 6-year-old daughter, but we’re thinking it’s time to move on out.

We’ve been dreaming of splitting our time between two countries. Lately, we’re real interested in Portugal—the beaches, the cool cities, and the chill locals are just calling our name.

We’ve decided to start making moves this May. First up, we’re gonna head over for a week in July, then go back for a full month in September to get a real feel of the local scene. Would love to have some tips with other expats and families !

Wanna make sure we’re well prepped for the move. If everything works out, maybe our future eco-home will be up in Portuguese land. :wink:

Looking forward to connecting and hearing y’all’s tips, stories, and maybe some advice on which regions to check out first.

Thanks for reading all this, can’t wait to chat!

Bom dia,
Lea :sun_with_face:


Hi Lea!

Do you have any preferences for locations?

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Get your NIF before moving to Portugal, we had to pay for 3 nights of hotel because our landlord didnt want to give us the key of our flat before getting our NIF.
Be aware that some neibourhoods can be very very noisy, even in small city.

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