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Hello, and welcome to the AnchorLess community!

Here at AnchorLess, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of individuals navigating the intricacies of relocating to Portugal.

You can start by doing like me and adding your profile picture :camera_flash:!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Maxime, the CEO at AnchorLess.

  • Where I come from: After completing my engineering studies in France, I decided to become a digital nomad and move to Portugal.

  • Where do I live now: I like to constantly be on the move and I’m splitting my time between Lisbon, London, and South America :brazil: :costa_rica: during the winter!

  • What am I doing: Working on AnchorLess with my 3 cofounders (but most of all friends) for the last 2 years.

  • How I discovered AnchorLess: :innocent:

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Click “Reply” to introduce yourself briefly and share with us how you discovered AnchorLess. :microphone:

Let’s get to know each other!


Hello :wave: I’m Ruben, the COO at AnchorLess

  • Where I come from: I was born and raised in the south of France, from the beautiful city of Marseille.

  • Where I live now: After my engineering studies in France I moved with Maxime and the rest of the AnchorLess founding team to Lisbon, with the intention of making it my new home!

  • What I am doing: Always carrying the desire to grow AnchorLess and help more and more people, I’m living between London, Lisbon and Marseille, enjoying the life of a digital nomad. :fr: :uk:

  • How I discovered AnchorLess: :portugal:

I look forward to reading you!


Greetings everyone! :facepunch: I’m Eliot, proudly serving as the Chief Technology Officer at AnchorLess.

  • Where I come from: I come from Paris, the city of all the possibilities where I grew up with my Family for as long as I can remember.
  • Where I live now: I’m now living in Alcantara, a pleasant small neighbourhood of Lisboa. I moved here at the same time as the rest of the AnchorLess team.
  • What I am doing: I use my passion for IT to help people relocating here in Portugal in the smoothest way possible. We don’t want people to encounter the same trouble as we did. You can also find me on the docks of Lisboa, running all nights long. :running_man:
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: :sunglasses:

Excited to discuss with you all!


Hello everyone! :wave: I’m Raphaël, Head of Design at AnchorLess.

  • Where I come from: From the southwest of France, in the “Bassin d’Arcachon”, under the sun and not far from the waves for surfing :surfing_man:

  • Where do I live now: Now in the beautiful city of Lisbon, having joined it at the same time as the AnchorLess team, but I enjoy going back to see my family and spending time with them in France or discovering other corners of the world :earth_africa:

  • What am I doing: I imagine how to make the services of AnchorLess visually appealing for you all! Surfing when my knee allows it and pushing myself to the limit at the gym :man_lifting_weights:

  • How I discovered AnchorLess: :call_me_hand:

Looking forward to talking with you!


Hi all! :vulcan_salute: I’m Brenda, and I’m the Content Manager at AnchorLess

  • Where I come from: Born and raised in Brazil, most precisely in the northeast :sunny:.
  • Where I live now: I did some college stints between my hometown and London, and decided to finally settle in Portugal, to do my undergrad studies. I found Faro, in southern Portugal, and I’m here since then.
  • What I am doing: Making sure you know all you need to move to Portugal! I’m here to inform you about the country and all its perks, while spending my time between Brazil and Portugal
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: :computer:

I really wanna hear from you!


Hi everyone! :wave: I’m Ricardo

  • Where I come from: Coming from Italy
  • Where I live now: Cascais
  • What am I doing: Retiring
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: Bought a NIF from you 1 month ago.

Hello I’m Honoré

  • Were I come from: France mostly
  • Where I live now: Porto
  • What I am doing: I work in IT for a fintech, finishing settling everything here
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: NHR webinar

Helloo, my name is Dean and thank your for the invitation !

  • Where I come from: 100% Spanish !
  • Where I live now: Living in Lisbon since 1 year now
  • What I am doing: Writer for a spanish magazine, I work fully remote from Portugal!
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: I used your service to get my NIF and setup my NHR.

If you have any questions about moving from Spain I can help you !

Welcome @Ricardo194 !

Welcome @Honore476 !

Welcome to the forum @Dean732 !

Hi everyone I’m Claire !

  • Where I come from: I come from the beautiful region of “Bretagne” in France
  • Where I live now: I have been living in Lisbon for 2 years now
  • What I am doing: I am a data scientist working as a freelance
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: You guys helped me when I settled in to get a NIF.

Looking forward to talking with you and willing to share experience on the freelance status in pt :portugal: :sun_with_face:


Welcome @Claire !! I’m sure a lot’s of people will ask you questions about freelancing in Portugal


My name is Valentina.

  • Where I come from: From Spain
  • Where I live now: Living in Medeira
  • What I am doing: Retiring from Medeira but looking to meet people
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: Get a NIF from you with Rosa

Hello this is Christy!

We are moving to Portugal in 2 months with our 2 boys.

  • Where I come from: We are from London.
  • Where I live now: Moving to Lisbon.
  • What I am doing: We are both graphic designers and are going to discover full remote!
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: I think like a lot’s of people by getting a NIF with you!

Thank you!

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Hey Its Maarrrk,

Young photographer from Manchester :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

  • Where I come from: USA
  • Where I live now: Lisboaaa
  • What I am doing: Photo for brands in Portugal
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: Use your service to get a NISS

See you maybe in Lisbon

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Bonjour tout le monde :croissant: !!

My name is Thomas but can you can call me Toto

  • Where I come from: France
  • Where I live now: North of Lisbon
  • What I am doing: Developer for a german company
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: A friend talked me about you when I decide to move to Portugal
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Welcome to @toto214 @Mark322 @Christy842 @valentina854

We definitely need to do a meet up in Lisbon !

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Hi my name is Susan

  • Where I come from: US
  • Where I live now: US
  • What I am doing: Yoga Instructor/ Fitness Instructor
  • How I discovered AnchorLess: Found online while looking up NIF services