[🚨TO READ] Our rules

Welcome to the AnchorLess Community: The relocation forum for those moving to Portugal.

Our community is truly one-of-a-kind, a place of exchange where hundreds of members contribute to the growth of AnchorLess and learn about the relocation process.

To make your time here both productive and enjoyable, we kindly ask you to follow these guidelines:

  1. Before posting on the forum, please check if the topic already exists. A community member might have already initiated the discussion. Avoid creating duplicate threads. Make sure to use the search function (especially if you’re proposing a new integration).

  2. We gather in this community to learn & share. It’s our collective responsibility to keep exchanges friendly and constructive. Personal attacks and petty comments have no place in the AnchorLess community.

  3. No spam, no referral codes.

  4. No self-promotion of your own site or your company’s services. Let’s keep our exchange space free of advertisements.

  5. Topics and posts encouraging illegal activities such as hacking, tax fraud, social fraud, money laundering, etc., are forbidden and will be immediately removed. Authors will be banned in case of repeated offenses.

  6. Violating one or more of the above rules may result in a permanent ban of the user. All ban decisions are final.

  7. Our team acts as a host for content uploaded by our members. Therefore, we are not responsible for published content. If we receive a notification regarding clearly illegal content, and it is verified, we will act swiftly to remove it or make it inaccessible.

Want to discuss further? We’re available on the forum to chat, or you can contact us by email: contact@anchorless.io

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